The branded and fun way to discover customer insights and qualify leads real-time.

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Experiential Marketing

Your customers can actively participate in your marketing and develop a relationship with your brand.


Event Engagement

Improve your event activations, sponsorship relationships and brand visibility meanwhile collecting actionable data.


Human Resources

A fun and brand-aligned experience makes it easier to evaluate and assess every aspect of the HR experience.

Full Service

Brand absolutely matters. Let the experts do the work of translating your brand, questions and objectives.

How to #Swurve

So much more is possible because Swurveys gamified experience regularly achieves greater than 60% completion rates

The Swurvey Designer
Analyze Real-Time

Convert Audiences into Prospects

The All Swipe, No Type interface engages the user so that a greater percentage will participate. Use formative assessment principles to put them in the frame of mind to opt-in to your sales funnel.

No Subscriptions—Only Pay for What You Need

Swurveys was built from the ground up on the latest serverless cloud technology. The entire disruptive premise of Swurveys pricing is that customers only pay for completed responses (data or leads), not for software. This business model is only possible because of the cloud.

Swurveys uses the latest serverless cloud technology

Who uses Swurveys?