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Amen Clinics NW qualifies leads and collects data

By April 4, 2017Success, Use Cases

Quick and Easy Lead Qualification

Event activations have the ambitious goal of collecting and qualifying as many leads as possible. For Amen Clinics Northwest, capturing leads at event activations are always hit and miss. Since they offer a variety of products and services in the health space, conversations usually average 5 to 10 minutes. As staff engages with attendees, others would either grab collateral or continue walking. Amen Clinics NW purchased Swurveys’ Full Service Package to make sure no passing visitor is missed and for other great benefits.

Traditional Methods

Amen Clinics NW used to only collect handwritten contact information which usually prompted “Who did they speak with? What piqued their interest? I can’t read their handwriting.” After scrapping the pen and pad, they used tablets with a landing page that allowed attendees to subscribe to a list on the spot. This eliminated handwriting legibility issues but also eliminated qualification information about their leads.

Amen Clinics NW then switched to  Swurveys’ All Swipe, No Type interface to qualify users through questions and allow them to submit their contact information.

Full-Service Package

Lead Generation:

In Swurveys’ Full Service Package, our professional design team applies best practices for questions and content to hit objectives. For this Swurvey, we crafted messages specific to the conference and implemented a raffle entry and flash sale to drive responses.

For a two-day conference, Amen Clinics collected a significant list of qualified leads. Each e-mail is connected to the qualifying questions regarding their potential interest and subsequently placed in the appropriate funnels (hot lead high touch vs warm lead sequence).

Swurveys for Events

Swurveys boast an average completion rate of 60%+ because it’s fun, branded and quick (less than 10 cards). The All Swipe, No Type interface on a tablet makes it possible for passing guests to learn exactly what they need to know and answer qualifying questions. Swurveys are different than surveys because they are an exchange of information for both parties involved.

Amen Clinics NW also used the SMS retrieval feature and printed the instructions on business cards. The team was able to leave the booth and interact with other vendors and attendees on the floor and pass these cards out.

Next Steps

For Amen Clinics NW’s next conference, they’ll be able to use their branded theme to integrate into other platforms. They are planning to put Swurveys into pre-event communications and social media to maximize awareness and lead generation.

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