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CEO Insights: The eyes of your customer

By March 11, 2017Success

Revisit your customer’s journey

Your “brand” is an experience in the eyes of customers. They tweet, share, and Instagram their belief, or non-belief, in your brand. If you fail to see your brand through each customer’s eyes, you may not really have a true understanding of what your brand is all about. Try pretending you’re a customer and walking through your own front door! That front door is similar to revisiting your website, social media and relevant posts. You may be shocked to find out that you are not providing the services you may have thought. Or, you may find that your services are hitting the mark. You need to know if you are delivering quality experience from the back of your store to the front.

The hospitality experience

As someone who worked in the tourism industry, I hold extremely high standards for customer service. When I engage with the front line, I instantly switch between being a customer and informed manager because I have worked in the industry that is first and foremost selling an experience. Business-first problem solving can only happen when you take the perspective of a customer, not at the convenience of the staff or operations. These are the abiding principles we adhered to when we first developed Swurveys. We started with the “Taker” (the person responding to a Swurvey) as the most important person in the relationship and then created tools to allow the “Maker” to engage and receive a higher volume of feedback. Similar to the hospitality industry, prioritizing your customer’s experience is the key to deeper engagement and loyalty.

Be your own customer

As we develop Swurveys, we are always our first customer. When we release a new feature, we always keep in mind our objectives: highly branded and easy-to-use customer engagement. The tech and customer support team have collaborated on new feature releases because we are able to keep a consistent conversation going between the development and customer story line. Applying what I have learned from the tourism industry to Swurveys has allowed me to challenge the status quo of the tech industry. I don’t believe that we just iterate on what our customers want but also I constantly revisit our product and our marketing properties as if I were a customer.

Gain deeper understanding

If you’re an engaged CEO or a brand manager, consider Swurveys as a solution for customer-first feedback and engagement experience. NPS scores do not provide actionable data that can help improve your product or service–Swurveys do. We always enjoy hearing how brands, regardless of size or age, revisit their customer’s experience while wearing their managerial hat. At the end of the day, it is all about retention and loyalty and in order to do that best you need to know what your customers think.