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How to measure ROI in Experiential marketing – Innovation Zone by Marriott

By March 8, 2017Success, Use Cases

Swurveys recently partnered with Marriott International at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) Innovation Zone in Los Angeles with the specific goal of measuring the ROI of a number of innovations being developed by two of their brands: Element and aloft hotels. Swurveys collected real-time feedback to measure visitors’ reactions to activations Element and aloft brands. The Marriott team selected a package from our Full-Service offerings; this allowed the brand to shine through design, distribution was organized and the desired results were achieved.

The innovative hospitality activations showed a multitude of experiential ideas these forward thinking brands are pursuing. In order for Marriott to move forward with the innovations, real-time feedback from two very different audiences was required: Hotel Owner Operators and Millennial Business Travelers. Swurveys’ multi-channel distribution method met this difficult challenge.

The video below mentions Swurveys’ role as real-time and actionable feedback platform at the event.

…and there’s one more tech innovation that should be at every super market; every person who passes through the lab will have the opportunity to offer their feedback through Swurveys.”

Example of an aloft Swurvey:

Case Study: The Marriott brands Element and aloft needed to measure the reactions of difficult-to-engage audiences: Hotel Owner Operators and Millennial Business Travelers
Delivery Method: Brand Ambassadors carried touch screen tablets that displayed the relevant activation Swurvey; Guests also received the link to the Swurvey by texting a short code to the Swurveys number (1-646-SWURVE-0)
Primary Goal: Element and aloft needed to measure detailed reactions from specific parts of the activations (reference the results below for  some example results)


Outcome: Most brand activations only obtain qualitative and anecdotal feedback from very busy executives. In this case, the Swurveys delivered on tablets by brand ambassadors delivered statistically significant data back to Marriott to make important decisions.

Get Your Swurve On: If you run any sort of experiential marketing effort (brand activations, trade shows, demos, etc) use Swurveys to understand the ROI of your experiential marketing by receiving real-time feedback from the audience. To get started at your next brand activation, select the Full Service offer and let us do all of the work to build the perfect Swurvey for your audience and get the feedback you need.