Swurveys ultimate event bundle

Ultimate Event Bundle


The most precious commodity that an Event Producer needs is time. Swurveys has built this turnkey solution so that we take the Audience Engagement out of your hands. Just send us your digital assets and we provide you back your Swurveys. BOOM! You are ready to Get Your Swurve On!


Product Description

Events that use all 3 Activations get 60% higher returns. Audiences that start their event experience by showing their preference via a Swurvey are much more likely to provide feedback at the end of the event. The Swurveys built in this program can be cloned and reused for future events. Every Ultimate Event Bundle includes:

  • Custom graphic design for up to 1 Custom Theme built to your branding specifications
  • 1 Realtime Billboard graphic design built to your branding specifications
  • Up to 5 Swurveys built by our team (each additional is $1,250)
  • Up to 3 hours of consultation from one of our event engagement experts
  • 1 Training session on the use of Swurveys platform to be able to clone, create new and review the data from your Swurvey
  • Unlimited Responses for 60 days around event
  • Discounted price on additional responses beyond allotted amount

Orders can be turned around in 72 hours if customer responds rapidly to onboarding requests, reviews and approvals. However, best results are shown with a period of 60 days before the event date.

Updated 4/29/2019

Please Contact Us if you are not able to make a Credit Card purchase for this service, need to break payments into installments or want to a custom quote for your event.

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