Future of Feedback

Swurveys are distributed in a variety of ways – from SMS retrieval to social. Below are a number of use cases from some or our favorite customers. Use Swurveys to collect feedback, create consensus and drive deeper engagement.

In-Conference Feedback

Don’t wait until the conference is over to get the impression of attendees or audience members. Gain insights while attendees are still engaged with your brand via a Swurvey served on a tablet or through SMS retrieval.

Conference Call

Swurvey your team right after a weekly check-in or a quarterly conference call. You can gauge your team’s strengths and weaknesses in real-time.

Moxy Hotels

Experience Check-out

Swurvey your customers right before they finish an experience. Moxy, a millennial-focused hotel, uses a tablet at the bar to collect feedback from guests.

Networking Event

Swurvey your audience the days leading up to an event. You can engage your past and potential attendees with current marketing messages, organization objectives and sponsorships.

Workshop Evaluation

Avoid pen and paper evaluations when you make your assessments a Swurvey. Participants can give you anonymous feedback that will be fresh in their mind and immediately actionable.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

In-event Activity

When you have creative control of your event, connect the content to a Swurvey. Introduce your keynote speaker, an ambitious fundraising goal and more when you invite guests to do it during the event.

Event Planning

Swurvey your most engaged members by having them contribute to the planning. Decisions are best made when your attendee’s voice is heard.

Market Research

Use the All Swipe, No Type survey interface to collect rapid feedback. Convert your most important questions into a Swurvey for a higher completion rate (60% on average).