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We are the engagement experts. We will come up with a strategy that will engage the greatest portion of your audience and construct your perfect Swurvey to convert them to data.

Swurveys’ Full Service Team can provide a brand everything that is needed for a world class event or brand activation that will generate the highest ROI. We can go from an idea to strategy into execution and even conversion.

swurvey super street team
swurveys data dashboard
  • Engagement Consultation – How to connect with today’s audiences?
  • Question Consultation – How to create effective questions using the Swurveys methodology?
  • Lead Qualification – Can you figure out who is a hot lead for your company in 3-5 questions?
  • Graphic Design – Get the most brand aligned beautiful Swurvey you can imagine.
  • Brand Activation Strategy – How to stand out in a crowd and create a memorable experience
  • Walking Billboards – next generation of Guerrilla marketing tool that creates it own attraction
  • Brand Ambassadors – Nationwide Network of top quality brand ambassadors
  • Data Analysis – Get the most from the data you collect in your activation
  • Email Marketing Campaigns – Set up separate sequences for each of your lead types
  • Social Targeting – Create social campaigns that target people like the ones you engage in your activation

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