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There is no monthly fee for using Swurveys. Users have many different use cases and needs with Swurveys. We have built the pricing model based on the wide variety of features available today in the platform.

Credits are consumed when a Swurvey is completed. If you don’t receive responses, you don’t pay. The on-demand service is designed for rapid feedback, lead generation or quick connections. Each feature consumes one credit per completed Swurvey. For example, if you select 4 features, your Swurvey will consume 4 credits for each completion.

DIY Swurvey

Features available now in the platform

Feedback Features

Feedback features are designed to help you generate 60% completion rates for your real-time insight needs.

  • Create Swurvey – collect data, change the colors, upload images, create questions, drive responses
  • Generate a Call to Action – place a custom link at the end of your Swurvey to push your audience to a website or to send you an email
  • Comment Card – there are times you need just a little bit more info than a swipe, we’ll let you have one open ended question
  • Conditional Logic – build decision trees where each answer can lead you down a different question path

Leads Features

Lead features are designed to help generate new leads and sort them in real time.

  • Lead Generation Card – grab those contact details at the end of your Swurvey and tie responses to the contact details
  • Lead Qualification Scoring – pre-determine who is a your target audience and pre-select what are “hot” and “warm” leads prior to generating results
  • Collect Phone Number with SMS – automatically tie phone number from the SMS retrieval to the data

Data Features

Connect to your existing tech infrastructure to optimize your efficiency.

  • Connect to Webhook – pipe your data to your CRM, BI, Data Viz or get sent email each time a user generates a lead
  • Facebook Pixel Tracker – create custom audiences on the go as users take your Swurvey, make your audiences as granular as you like

Delivery Features

Make sure that your audience is able to get your Swurvey in the manner that is easiest for them.

  • SMS Retrieval – create a unique shortcode and ask your audience to text into to receive the Swurvey to their mobile device
  • Custom URL – create your own short URL

Affiliate Features

Help spread the good word of Swurveys and discount your data efforts.

  • Referral Card (-1 Credit) – tell your audience about how awesome Swurveys is and we will reduce your per response total to by one, in addition when anyone signs up with your referral we will give you 50 credits!

Credit Pricing

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Pricing FAQs

Do I have to signup for a monthly account?

Never. You should only pay for results, not a monthly software subscription you may or may not use. We set out to match the online advertising model that charges per impression, view and engagement.

How do Swurveys Credits work?

When you design a Swurvey, you can mix and match between all of our features. For each feature your Swurvey uses, 1 credit is added to its cost. After the Swurvey is published, every time the Swurvey is completed by a user, the credit cost is consumed from your Swurveys’ wallet.

For example, you create a Swurvey that uses Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Custom Call to Action and a custom short URL. Each Swurvey response will cost 5 credits. You purchased a block of 250 credits so you can receive 50 responses with the current Swurveys’ wallet.

Can Swurveys Credits be used for anything else beyond responses?

Yes. Swurveys Support provides design upgrades via Credit purchases to assist with Content Cards, Cover Cards, Styling and proofreading.

Or if you would like our expert design team to manage the entire process of your Swurveys development we have a series of Full Service packages.

How do I purchase Swurveys Credits?

You may manage your Swurveys Credits from the main page in you Swurveys account by clicking the credit card icon.

There is also an opportunity to purchase credits when you publish your Swurvey.

Can I earn Swurveys Credits without paying for them?

Yes. Every account includes a referral code and every Swurvey can include a referral card. Each account created using your referral code will generate 50 credits.

Periodically, Swurveys runs competitions to give away credit bundles. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be alerted for the next competition.

How much do Swurveys Credits cost?

Swurveys Credits can cost as little as $.05 depending on the number you purchase.

Which forms of payments do you accept?

Swurveys accepts all major credit cards via our payment processor, Stripe