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Leading questions drive action

By March 14, 2017Success, Use Cases

Drive action
Reimagine your last sales conversation you had or the last event invitation you sent and apply it to your Swurveys’ questions. The All Swipe, No Type survey interface has an average of 60%+ completion rates, which means your questions are more likely to be answered and your audience’s attention is captured. We know exactly what to do with this attention.

Feedback Plus
At the end of every Swurvey, your audience will see one data point from your questions right next to an action (a hyperlink) that you desire. This is a “Feedback Plus” feature (3 credits a completion) and opportunities are endless. Users have seen significant click-through rates (CTR) as high as 46%. In a distracted age, Swurveys collects feedback AND captures attention.


In this Swurveys example, leading questions revolve around an event’s value benefit to the user. Since it’s unlikely for most to answer “no” to these questions, users can understand why they should buy a ticket to this event when they answer “yes”. Leading questions help put people in the right frame of mind to consider the action you’ve selected.

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