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Use Case: Sell More Event Tickets

By March 6, 2017Success, Use Cases

Using Swurveys helps streamline the event ticketing process in order to drive ticket sales. The Young Professionals of Seattle (YPOS) partnered with Swurveys to encourage members to attend their 6-year anniversary party. Most event planners market their events on a variety sites, posts, and platforms, and when building their marketing materials they must keep in mind retaining all of the relevant details of the event, including highlighting their great sponsors, which together help drive more ticket sales.

The All Swipe, No Type survey shares the right mixture of content and questions to inform users about everything they need to know before purchasing a ticket.

Case Study: The Young Professionals of Seattle recently used Swurveys to drive traffic to their ticketing page.
Delivery Method: Subscribers to YPOS’ mailing list received the link two days before the event; an e-mail template designed specifically around the Swurvey displayed the URL.
Primary Goal: Sell more tickets!
Secondary Goal: Promote sponsors and remind users of relevant details

Success Metrics: For Pre-event Swurveys, we keep an eye on two important metrics.

Metric 1: Click Through Rate (CTR)
Measures how many of the users who completed the Swurvey took action after the Swurvey.
YPOS’ CTR (Ticketing Page):  46%

Metric 2: Swurvey Completion Rate
Measures how many people started the Swurvey and completed it.
YPOS Completion Rate: 66%

Outcome: Since this was YPOS’ annual event, members were more likely to come than any other event. We learned that Swurveys helped convince even more members to buy their tickets immediately and/or finally commit to attending. In the end, we learned that within 12 hours the link generated 50+ ticket sales.

Next Steps: Crafting a pre-event Swurvey is as simple as converting the designs and content that are a part of the event’s visual personality. Similar to a sales conversation, including the right content and questions can convert any potential users to purchase. Swurveys can be included in promotional social media posts and newsletters that lead up to the event.

To get started, sign in and Create a Swurvey, then select the Feedback Plus tier that will show you the Action options of a link.

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Drop a Line: Need a pre-event Swurvey template? Send us an e-mail at support@swurveys.com


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