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What Customers Won’t Tell You but Wish They Could

By March 12, 2017Success

Customers should expect your best

Companies and brands around the world are rushing to increase a positive customer brand experience. As many as 80% of businesses have this in the works, but will they actually deliver what customers hope to experience? Good marketing takes focused planning and the ability to implement a strategy.

Keep in mind that your job is never finished until you know how customers feel about your service or product. It is all too easy to get lost in the strategy and execution of things and miss the forest for the trees. There are some critical things your customers will not tell you about your product. Here are a few things we’ve learned indirectly from customers through website traffic, Product Hunt and consumer reports.

  1. Customers like active and practical content. They like to read content about your products/services, and how they will provide a benefit. They like to know that you understand their pain points. They also want to learn more about how to use your product in the newest and most inventive ways. We actively share content about best practices, how to articles and industry-specific metrics. From our social media campaigns to our blog, customers enjoy active content. Suggested reads: Sell more tickets and increase donations.
  2. Customers like to connect with other customers. They value the opinion of others who they consider to be peers. Of course, they will reach out to tech support and customer service for the obvious reasons (say hello using our chat feature!). They also want to converse with other users in the trenches. In essence, creating a branded community, like a forum, can help you gain invaluable insights about what your customers want and expect to experience. Such a community also allows companies to test new features, services, and to experiment with new products or ideas. We were recently posted on Product Hunt by a top maker. The high visibility encouraged new users to engage and react to other comments, ultimately upvoting common ideas and reactions.
  3. Don’t be your own hype man. Your customers will not likely to tell you to lighten up on promoting yourself, but they like the idea of you engaging with them just as rigorously. Customers like to stay current on the latest industry trends and news. Share information about a thought leader, rely on what’s culturally relevant and offer insights that are bigger than your product.
  4. Short attention span. Another thing that customers will never directly admit is that they have a short attention span. When customers ask a question, they expect an answer in a reasonable amount of time. Always let your customers know that you have heard them and that you will be working on solving their problem.

Finding Out What Customers Think
One of the most common ways to find out what a customer thinks is to ask. Asking is quite often accomplished by taking a survey. Sometimes, a typical survey will miss the mark, and a company is left in the dark about how their customers really feel. There is a number of reasons—such as the survey being too long, asking biased questions, or flat out asking the wrong questions.

Swurveys Provides the Solution

At Swurveys, we have solved the survey problem by providing a platform that allows customers to answer survey questions with a swipe. All Swipe, No Type Swurveys is the tool needed to build short, engaging, and relevant surveys that will help you achieve your marketing goals